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I'm so thankful for Sue-Marie.  She helped me get the care I need to remain independent, and now I have my relationship with my daughter again.  My daughter was trying to manage my care, and we were both getting really angry.  Now when we talk, we can be mother and daughter again and just share about our lives and be supportive of one another without having to fix any problems or fight about where I'm going to live.

A local client

Poulsbo, WA

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you gave (my wife) the paperwork to fill out for my Dad's advanced directive package. The 5 Wishes form, I believe, changed the context from being one of him giving away power to decide what happened to him, as a power of attorney would do, to his taking control of what happened in the event of illness.  And, together with (my wife's) capacity for insistence, that distinction, I believe, pushed him into answering the questions and expressing his Wishes -- which then took the responsibility off our shoulders (or, more technically, off my shoulders) of having to make life and death decisions based on guesses as to what he would have wanted.


I want to thank you deeply for your part in making that happen, for making it so much of an easier time of transition, both for me and the rest of the family, but for him too, since he knew at some level of awareness, that what he wanted was what was going to happen.

An elder's son

Albuquerque, NM

Thank you for all the care and the kindness you have showed my mom (sic).  We are so appreciative and looking forward to the improvements your support surely will provide!--and it has already!

A client's daughter

Hamden, CT

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